Learn JavaScript – How To Make Page Redirect Using jQuery

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In programming languages, functions are often gathered together in packages and methods ready for use. They are called frameworks and aim to help developers save time to get the expected result.

In JavaScript, jQuery is one of these frameworks, and we’ll take a closer look at it and how to make a page redirect using it.

What is jQuery?

It is a framework for JavaScript. jQuery is designed keeping in mind the slogan “Write less, the more” (Write less, do more). The purpose of jQuery is to make it easier to use Javascript on websites. It replaces complicated and major tasks for faster JavaScript functions and compatible with most browsers.

How to make page redirect using jQuery

To redirect a page using jQuery in JavaScript, you can use the line described below:


How to redirect a page using plain JavaScript 

However, this page redirection task is relatively simple. Thus, you would not need to use jQuery as optimization programming tool.

A more logical solution would be to use one of the lines below to make the page redirect using JavaScript itself, as it already has greater flexibility provided for this case.

The “replace ()” removes the source page of your browsing history, which makes it smaller if the user wants to return to a previous page without too many clicks. If you want to simulate a click on the link, use the “location.href”.

These were some examples of how to perform this activity. If you know of another way to do it, please share in the comment section below.

For other applications using jQuery in JavaScript, you can access this link and watch a video like this one:

Another way to find cool stuff about jQuery is to check our project page !

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