2.5mbps Whiskey, New Streaming Cluster, and homage to the Kings and Queens of Asia-Pacific

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From 1.5mbp to 2.5mbps Whiskey

Broadcasters around the world have been asking Livecoding.tv a long time for a higher grade whiskey than 1.5mbps bitrate. To fulfill this wish we went into the hills of the Tennessee mountains to Lynchburg, Tennessee to find the best whiskey distilleries and luckily we found Jack Daniel’s, who provided us with a 2.5mbps bitrate Whiskey. Thus, in weeks to come, all broadcasters on Livecoding.tv will be able to enjoy and broadcast with a higher bitrate of maximum 2.5mbps Whiskey. The maximum streaming bitrate on Livecoding.tv for all broadcasters and devices is going to be increased from 1.5mbps to 2.5mbps.

The bitrate increase will ease streaming and cut away the need for making special screen size adjustments in OBS, Livecoding.tv Avcaster, Xsplit or any streaming client you use. It will also increase the stream quality and screen readability for especially all our Mac users and those with high resolution graphic images.

And why high grade whiskey is not always the best for broadcasters?

If currently you broadcast at 1.5mbps bitrate and your stream quality and screen readability are good, we will advise you not to increase it. The reason is that a viewer needs minimum the same download internet speed as your streaming bitrate. If you stream at a bitrate above 1.5mbps even though you don’t need it, some viewers will not be able to watch your live streams or videos.


The Bermuda triangle is now complete

New Livecoding.tv Streaming Cluster (Bermuda Triangle)

The dawn of a new era for a completely new streaming cluster architecture. We are going to throw away our current streaming cluster and release a completely new streaming cluster. The goal behind the new streaming cluster is to have a more flexible and stable streaming architecture for desktop and mobile streaming to support further product development and user demand from around the world. After the new release we will have a dedicated streaming cluster for Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. The Asia-Pacific(AP) Streaming cluster is a new streaming cluster and should provide users from Asia, Australia and New Zealand a smoother and pleasant streaming experience on Livecoding.tv with significantly low latency. For the AP cluster we are starting with servers in Singapore and will spread out to more countries with time.

Congratulations if you live in the AP cluster, we hear you better now!

Now we can proudly serve our best to the kings and queens of Asia-Pacific.

What’s next?

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