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Use personas.

Project Discovery is a feature introduced in the v2.5 release. It allows you to find projects that you’d like to watch, collaborate with, learn or even discuss with the freelancer. You can also hire people based on the project discovery tool.

Below is the snapshot of  Project Discovery page. Check it out yourself!


Project Discovery

There are two methods through which we can access the Project Discovery Page. One is by Registering/Logging in and the other not requiring a login or registration.

Let’s view both of them.

Method 1: Access to Project Discovery

When you scroll down on the Home Page. You will find in the footer section of the website ‘Project Discovery’. Click it as the arrow indicates in the image below.


Click Project Discovery

Method 2: Access to Project Discovery

Login or Register and on top of the left side of the Home Page, move your mouse to the drop down arrow of ‘Livestreams’ and click ‘Project Discovery’


Livestreams Drop Box

Now we can see the rest of the step by step guide to access projects

Step 1: After clicking on project discovery, you will land on the Project Discovery Page, where you can select channel of freelancers from three categories; beginner, intermediate and expert.


Category Level

Step 2: You can also search for specific projects with the search bar provided at the top of the page. You can type in keywords like programming language’s name or a related project’s name.



Step 3: After you have entered keywords directed for particular projects. You will land on this page with results. Which at the top will give you snapshot results for your keyword(s). The keyword used in the example is ‘javascript’


JavaScript Results

Step 4: You can find the project you’re looking for by scrolling down and looking at channels, upcoming broadcast schedules, videos, playlists and users. Look at the images below to better understand. To look at all results in a particular medium like schedules, you can click on the ‘View all’ button on the right.











Now you can easily find the best projects of the types and categories you are seeking for.


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