How To Discover Users From Your Country On

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Finding users on is now easier than ever, thanks to the new User Discovery engine. Today, we will go through a step by step process on how to search for users on The search can be done both locally and globally!

Check out the User Discovery Engine now to discover users from your county!


User Discovery Engine

Let’s look at the steps you can use to finding a user locally or globally!

Step 1: Move your mouse over on ‘Livestreams’ on the top far left side of the Home Page



Step 2: Now a drop down menu will popup. Select ‘User discovery’.


User Discovery

Step 3: You will land on the User Discovery Engine Page. A nifty form will appear on the left side as shown below.


Livecoding Engine

Step 4: Now fill up all the form according to your requirements. The country option can be changed to your country. For an example it has been set to United States in the image below.


Livecoding Engine

Step 5: Now you can hit ‘Discover’ to get results of users from your country.


Livecoding Engine

And, that’s it. You successfully searched for users from your country using User Search Engine. You can also search users from different country as well. There is no limitation whatsoever!

Still have questions? Don’t forget to ask them in the comment section below. You can also contact us at [email protected]


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