How To Apply For A Job Using Jobs Board

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With v2.5 release, you can now find and apply for jobs. Let’s show you, how you can do that with a step to step process.

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Below is a glimpse of the Jobs Board Page.


Jobs Board Page

How to apply to a job using jobs board

Step 1: To begin with, move your mouse over ‘Recruiting’ in the far right corner.


Pro Drop Down Menu

Step 2: This drop down menu will appear. Select ‘Jobs Board’.


Selecting Jobs Board

Step 3: After clicking, the job board page you would be able to view a list of published jobs. A job post will include the job position, company/organization’s name, their location, job type and date on which the job was posted.


Job Post

Step 4: To Find relevant jobs, you can insert keywords in the first text box as seen in the image below. Keywords such as job title, skill or the company’s name to find jobs. In the second text box you can type in a country’s name, zip code, or city to only view results concerning a particular geographical area.


Jobs Board Search Bar

Step 5: You can also click on the blue colored check boxes to more accurately find the job you are looking for, such as internship, permanent etc, and also refine the results according to the the Date on which the job was posted.


Job Selection Criteria

Step 6: Now, you can hit the ‘Find Jobs!’ button


Hit Find Jobs

Step 7: After which you will be presented with the specific job results according to your search criteria.


Job Post Results

Step 8: Now the final step is to apply for the job. You can hit the ‘View’ button and you will be taken to the Recruiter’s website. Like in the example below, you will land on the Recruiter’s website with BMW Group’s job details, criteria and application procedure presented in front of you.


View Job Post

There you have it. A great way to apply jobs using boards. Get started now!

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