2.5 New UX Design – Things You Should Know

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New features are added to keep user-friendly and the best place to hang out with your programming buddies. v2.5 part 1 release has seen tons of UX design changes. The article aims to mark the differences between the v2.4 and v 2.5 part 1 release regarding UX Design and features.

Check out the new design and features now!

More Live Broadcasts has seen a lot of changes to the homepage. Now, the new v2.5 homepage will host more live broadcasts than the v2.4 homepage. See the results yourself by checking the images below.


New homepage


The old Homepage

Featured Section Improved

The featured section on the homepage has also seen a redesign. Now you can see more featured videos on the homepage compared to just three in the old design.


New Featured Section


Old Featured Section

The New Browse All Categories Section On Homepage

We love every programming language, and that’s why we have created a new section for different programming categories. The homepage will have the categories section and a dedicated page for our v2.5 release.


Categories section on Homepage


Categories page layout design

Search Engine At The Top

User experience is all about finding the content in the least number of steps. Also, the search bar should be prominent and well-placed. That’s why we have embedded the search bar at the top of each page; you visit on

The search bar in the earlier design was not so prominent.


New search bar design


Old Search bar design

Navigational Improvement — Menu Changes v2.4 has a simple menu section. With the inclusion of so many new features in v 2.5, we decided to redo the menu section completely, improving the navigational experience for the user.

The menu section in Livecoding v2.5 release is as below.


New navigational menu

As you can see we have included dropdowns as well as new internal sub-pages. Check out the menu to know more.

The older design was simple and looked as below.


Old navigational menu

Category Pages

To ensure that you get the best possible information on your favorite programming language, we have included category pages for all the programming languages you can possibly think off! Each programming language category pages contains sections such as history, tools, books, conferences, cheat sheets, and more.


Category pages

Project Discovery Page

We have changed the name of “Streamer Discovery” to “Project Discovery”.

User Discovery Engine

Find your programming buddy with our user discovery engine. The user discovery engine is crafted with exceptional care and is very easy to use.


User Discovery Engine

Recruiting Engine has evolved from a basic broadcasting platform to finding new talent. With recruiter engine, recruiters can search for world class talent on


Recruiting Engine

Job Board

Job Board enables users and recruiters to interact and thrive in the competitive market.


Job Board

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed the changes that are brought to 2.5 part 1 release. Want to add something? Comment below and let us know.


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