Find Your Programming Buddy Using The User Discovery Engine

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There are many new features in the v2.5 release. One of them is User Discovery Engine.

Let us introduce you to User Discovery Engine and show you step by step guide to utilize it.

User Discovery Engine is a search tool for users where they can search for any member on

The search engine is here to help you find like-minded buddies. Look at the image below to get a glimpse of what it has to offer.


User Discovery Engine Page

Step 1: Login and move your mouse over ‘Livestreams’ in the top left corner on Home Page.


Click Livestreams

Step 2: Once there, the drop down menu will appear. Select ‘User Discovery’.


Drop Down Menu

Step 3: After which you will land on discovery engine page where you can view all the users. To see an example, let’s look at ‘Joadar’. You can view what he’s good at. For example, he is good at  Android, Java and PHP, and can also see the number of followers denoted by the number beside the heart symbol.


User Profile View

Step 4: Now let’s get to the form on the left. The search engine has a variety of search options. You can use them to find the user you are looking for.

4 Engine

Step 5: You can drag your mouse over ‘All users’ and click to view three options. If you select Broadcasters you will only get broadcasters in your result. Secondly, you can select Viewers to only find viewers in your result. And, you can also select “All users” to get results according to the whole database.


All Users Drag Down Menu

Step 6: The second form element is ‘Category’. Click on Category and you will be able to see a list of languages. The text bar is indicated by the arrow in the image below. You can write any language’s name in the text bar and select that language to get results of users who are associated with the category.


Categories Drop Down Menu

Step 7: Next you can click on ‘All’ to select the skill level you’d like to see your results of users in. You can select from three levels. ‘Beginner’, ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Expert’ to determine the variation of expertise.


Skill Level

Step 8: Click on ‘Country’. This again is a text bar where you can type in any country’s name. The search will be done only for users belonging that the specified country.


Select Country

Step 9: The last feature on the User Discovery Engine is ‘Random’. If you click Random you will see three options. The first one ‘random’, will result in a random user selection. The second one is where users with most followers will be presented in a descending order. The third one is where users with most views will be presented in a descending order.


User Interaction Drop Down Menu

These are the simple steps to find users in your locality or those who match your interests or skill level.

Now that you know how to find through the vastness of user database, what are you waiting for? Dive in the User Discovery Engine, now!

Still have some questions? Don’t forget to ask them in the comment section below. You can also contact us at [email protected].


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