How Broadcasters get featured in’s Newsletter

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If you regularly read our newsletter, you already know that broadcasters get published. They get selected by taking many factors into account, and if you are wondering what the process comprises of, you are in luck as we are going to discuss it today. So here is our new article explaining the criteria we use to select broadcasters for our newsletter.

The process of selecting a broadcaster to be featured in our newsletter is simple. If you want to get selected, you need to be persistent with your broadcasts and provide highly engaged content on your channel. The key here is the attention to detail.

To be precise, below are the six criteria we look for when we select broadcasters for the new edition of our newsletter.

1. The first criterion is the project you are working on. We see so many great projects, which either does not have ample descriptions or are not presented clearly enough for viewers to get excited about it. You also need to market your projects according to your audience. You should also think from your viewer’s perspective and like we have said before, sell it!

2. What we look for is the completeness of your profile. Your broadcast titles should represent the content you’re broadcasting. Your profile information, on the other hand, should also be complete.

3. Next, we look for how recently you have been broadcasting. A regular broadcast has higher chances of being selected than a non-regular one.

4. Currently, we have a limitation that we can only include English speaking broadcasters in the content recommendation newsletter because English is the common language on In the future, we will release content recommendation newsletters for more languages.

5. Engagement is one of the most important selection criteria to get featured in our newsletter. The objective is to interact and engage with your viewers, exchanging information and answering their question at the same time. 

6. Lastly, we check the video and audio quality. For example, we check the music volume of your broadcast and verify whether your voice is clearly audible over the music. We also test the visibility of the code in your broadcast.

There, you have it! The six criteria, when fulfilled, will ensure that your broadcast is ready to be featured in our newsletter. So, what you are waiting for? Go check out your broadcast because we are always looking out for new broadcasters for our newsletter. Good Luck!


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